Easy Valentine Paper Crafts for Kids

These Valentine paper crafts for kids are so easy for toddlers and preschoolers to make, require very little assistance and use readily available items.

Some of these crafts can be personalized and given to someone special as a unique Valentine gift.

These activities are suitable for toddler crafts - requires assistance - or preschool crafts.

If you can, show your child a picture of the end result - they will find the craft project much easier to understand.

Let your child get creative and have some fun!

Paper Strawberries

This activity is great for preschooler. Some assistance may be required with Step 1.

What You Need:

  • red construction paper
  • green paper patty pan
  • safety scissors
  • sticky tape
  • pen

What To Do:

  1. Cut the paper in half width ways, roll into a cone shape and stick together with sticky tape.
  2. Cut off the pointy bit with safety scissors.
  3. Adult to mark 4 small lines at the base of the cone for child to cut and fold over. These folds will stick the cone to the paper patty pan.
  4. Run glue stick over the paper patty pan.
  5. Stick the cone (with folds folded out) onto the paper patty pan.

valentine paper crafts for kids

valentine paper crafts for kids

valentine paper crafts for kids

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