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This is the Site Guide: a quick information guide on the main goal of - and how to use - Kids Crafts Fun and

The Main Goal of

Parents as a whole, always try to do the best they can for their children.

Creative drawing and painting with kids

For you to be browsing this site is admirable. You are actively seeking additional ideas and inspiration to assist with your child's growth and development...
...Or perhaps, the kids are driving you crazy and you have run out of ideas to keep them busy!

Either way, you are here because you want to improve your child's (and your) life and that deserves special recognition.

The main goal of this site is to provide you with additional ideas and inspiration, so that you can increase - and share in - the fun, curiosity, and excitement of your child's early years.

Ideas that are:

  • Easy: easy ideas for arts and crafts, activities, games, science experiments and projects etc. that you can easily follow and easily understand. Activities that are easy for your kids to do, either on their own - depending on their abilities - or with little assistance from you.

  • Cheap - or FREE: Activities that won't break the bank - ideas that require free recyclable or natural materials, or if you have to buy it - that it's cheap and easy to find.

  • Safe: Activities that are safe - and that uses non-toxic and safe products especially for toddlers. Kids safety is priority. Common sense and constant supervision of young children is required.

  • Fun: The simplest's things in life can be the most fun! To keep toddlers or preschoolers busy, activities have to be simple, FUN and engaging to capture their attention and curiosity.

How To Use This Site

For the purpose of play based learning however, this site does not categorize crafts or activities for children into certain age groups, but instead treats your child as an individual.

You know your child best. You know what they are capable of and what their interests are. You know what excites them.

Here, you don't need to follow guidelines based on averages. You simply decide on which crafts, activities, games, science experiments etc. would be suitable for your child's level of skill, ability and interests.

Build on the ideas found here. There is no right or wrong way. And the outcome is not what is important. What is important is the process - the lessons your child learns as they experiment, explore, and discover new ways of doing things.

More importantly, it's not only about what your child learns in these early years, but about the quality time that you spend together on this fun journey of discovery.

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