Coloring Pages for Kids

Use coloring pages to encourage creativity in your children. Coloring or drawing are ideal for this, and you can use them over and over again and see how your kid evolves in its abilities and experiences.

Both of my kids love to paint. Be it a birthday picture for grandma and grandpa, a Mother's Day picture for me or a wishlist for Christmas. But especially small children, kindergarten age and pre schoolers often lack the ideas and the ability to create the templates themselves.

For them coloring pages like the ones in our book Coloring Pages for Kids are particularly suitable. All the pictures below are made from coloring pages in one of the books of our series. Click on the picture below to purchase it or get some free samples here.

Coloring Book

The book consists of more than 120 different coloring pages and offers a concise table of contents for the beautiful pictures, which are divided into different topics.

My kids were thrilled with the selection of different images and especially loved the animals and fairies. Despite the good weather outside, they wanted to start right away and each one found a suitable drawing page to start with.

Malvorlage Biene Malvorlage Schildkröte

While my little girl, with her nearly 3 years, of course, could not keep the lines very well, the 6-year-old started to paint every detail with lots of concentration and accuracy.

Seeing the pictures of her older sister spurred the ambition of the younger one, to try harder, until she managed with great effort to paint some parts of the coloring page without crossing the border lines.

Both of them proudly showed me her artwork. (on the left, the first try, on the right already a much better painting.)

Ausmalbild Fisch Ausmalbild Schmetterling

The pictures in the book sometimes don't fill out the entire page, which I think is a big advantage, because it gives the children the opportunity to add their own details and discover their creativity.

So my oldest daughter has, for example, added a little baby starfish and a shark besides the big starfish. The worm was quickly placed on a flower meadow, under a beautiful sky with sun and clouds. A small rainbow had to be there also. :-)

Malvorlage Seestern Malvorlage Schnecke

Like the painting itself, the coloring book offers many possibilities for the children. There are both simple images, which are more suitable for pre-schoolers, because rather large areas need to be painted, as well as trickier images, such as a butterfly, with a very unusual pattern, which is appropriate for primary school age.

Not only the dexterity is promoted, but also the imagination when the children try to paint the butterfly wings really symmetrical.

Ausmalbilder Schmetterling Malvorlage Schmetterling

Furthermore your kids learn the pros and cons of different materials. While the large-scale drawings in the printable coloring pages book can be painted with water colors very well, in the finer areas you should resort to pencils or markers.

My children experienced this when they were trying to paint with water color and brush the mouth or tongue of the snail. Such self-learning experiences are important for kids and must be made.

The next time when painting my daughters knew immediately that it is more advantageous to paint with the pencil, although they also love working with the brush.

Ausmalbild Einhorn

Ensure Correct Pencil Position!

When drawing, parents should make sure that the pen is held properly, between thumb and forefinger, and it rests on the middle finger. When you teach this to your kids right from the start, you can save yourself a lot of headache later on, when they start writing.

The correct pen position when coloring is an important prerequisite for the ability of a child to start writing.

die richtige Stifthaltung This is the correct position

The coloring book Coloring Pages for Kids is suitable not only for your own children, but also a small present to bring to school or kindergarten or their friend's birthday party.

This way the coloring book does a great job, not only in bad weather, but during the whole year. Even long car or train rides can be survived easily with the help of these drawings.

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