Preschool Halloween Crafts
Handprint Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost T-shirts

By Mackenzie, Raising Wild Things Blog

Hand Print Ghost T-Shirts

It's been raining all week, and the kids have been getting antsy not being able to play outside. So I decided it was the perfect time to break out a fun craft. And with Halloween just a few weeks away, we decided to make our own preschool Halloween crafts: spooky, glow-in-the-dark ghost t-shirts. (Okay, okay, I admit, they're more cute than spooky.)

And what better way to make our ghosts than with our hands?

Time Needed and Recommended Age

Suggested ages: 3 and older

Time required: Approximately 10 - 15 minutes per shirt (not including drying times)

Mess level: Medium (This project was not that messy for us because I did the palm painting and puffy paint writing for my kids. I gave it a medium messy rating, though, for instances in which your kids will be doing these steps themselves.)

Things You Need

materials you need for the ghost handprints

  • Solid-colored, long-sleeved t-shirts (We grabbed some from our dressers.)
  • Glow in the dark gel paint (Found this in the crafting paint aisle at Wal-Mart.)
  • One paintbrush (We happened to have a paint sponge on hand, and I found this worked great as well.)
  • Puffy paint in various colors (In keeping with the Halloween theme, we used white, black, orange, and a glow-in-the-dark white)
  • Baby wipes (or wet paper towels/any other wet cloths) to wipe off hands
  • Newspaper or butcher-type paper to cover the table/floor (optional)

How to make Handprint Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost T-shirts

1. Lay out the t-shirt upside down (so with the collar at the bottom) on a flat surface. (Because it was raining, we did this project inside. I didn't put down anything over our table, but you can use newspaper or a butcher-type paper if you're concerned about a mess.)

2. Hold your child's hand palm up, and pour some of the glow-in-the-dark paint onto his or her hand.

3. Using a paintbrush, spread the paint over your kids hand. (Or, if your child is old enough, he or she can paint it themselves.)

Apply the paint

4. After it's completely coated, press your kids hand onto the shirt wherever you want the ghosts to appear. (Again, if your child is old enough, he or she can do this unaided.) My son did his prints with his fingers spread apart; my daughter did her prints with her fingers together.

5. Add as many ghosts as desired. (We did two per shirt to leave room for some text.)

Ghost T-Shirts

6. To achieve a more ghost-like form out of the handprints, I used the paintbrush and glow-in-the-dark paint gel to fill them in more. I then used the glow-in-the-dark puffy paint to outline them.

7. Once the ghosts were mostly dry, we used the puffy paint to make the ghost faces. We also wrote "Boo" next to each ghost, and added "Happy Halloween" and the year. Your children can also add their names or any other fun Halloween phrases. (I did the writing for my kids, but older kids can certainly do this step themselves.)

Ghost T-Shirts

8. Let paint dry completely and then have your kids wear their shirts and pose for adorable pictures. (NOTE: The shirts do, in fact, glow in the dark; unfortunately, however, I couldn't get a great picture in the dark to share.)

About: Mackenzie writes about the hilarity (and sometimes missteps) of raising young children on her blog, Raising Wild Things . She has three wild things of her own (well, four, if you count her husband): a 5-year-old daughter, a 3-year-old son, and a 1-year-old son.

Thanks to Mackenzie for this terrific preschool Halloween crafts.

One word of caution, though: you must make sure, the glow-in-the-dark paint gel is non-toxic!

Many, if not most of them are highly toxic and not recommended to put on your skin or hair! Especially the brands that promise to glow "very bright" are full of chemicals you wouldn't want your kids to touch.

The glow in the dark paint to the left by DecoArt is guaranteed non-toxic and especially recommended to use on children's clothing.

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