Preschool Easter Crafts

Easy Preschool Easter Crafts: coloring and decorating Easter eggs with acrylic paint. When painting the eggs you and your preschooler can use as much phantasy and creativity as you want.

The hand-made Easter eggs are a great decoration for your own apartment or you can give them as a gift to friends and relatives. Especially grandmas love them :-)

Flower pot with decorated Easter eggs

For beginners and toddlers or kindergarten kids I recommend coloring hard-boiled eggs with dye. But if you've already done that and you and your children need a new challenge, then these instructions will help you to craft little pieces of art.

Your child should be at least 5 years old, because we're working with blown out hollow eggs and skewers. Then you can be sure, there won't happen an accident.

These blown out egg shells are very fragile and your kid needs fine motoric skills in order to handle and paint them. A little hand that squeezes the Easter egg too hard can easily break it and destroy the piece of art before its done.

Instructions to Decorate Easter Eggs

What You Need:

  • eggs
  • a bowl
  • skewers
  • play dough
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • flower pot
  • paper plate for the paint

What You Do:

Make holes into both ends of the egg with a pin and blow the content out of the shell. It would be ideal to bake a cake with the eggs, otherwise you will have to throw them away, because we need only the shell.

Bowl with blown out egg shells
Now carefully push the wooden skewers through the egg shell and fix with play dough. This way you can easily handle the Easter eggs and not damage the wet paint.

Fix the skewers with play dough
Just put all the eggs in the flower pot and start decorating them one by one.

Put skewers into the flower pot
Take out the first Easter egg, hold the skewer in your hand and start painting with acrylic paint. Hold above a paper plate, in case some of the paint is dripping down.

When you're done, put the preschool Easter craft back into the flower pot to let dry. Repeat until all are done.

Coloring with acrylic paint
Ready! Now you can use the colorfully decorated Easter eggs either as Easter spray or you can hang them onto a branch. These little self-made pieces of art are also great gifts especially for relatives and family. In contrast to the hard-boiled eggs you can't eat them, but they will last for several years if handled with care.
dyeing Easter eggs coloring Easter eggs Easter craft preschool craft painted egg

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