Poster Paint

Poster paint is a popular medium for kids crafts use, as it is non-toxic, easy to clean, and inexpensive.

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What Is It

According to Wikipedia Poster paint is a tempera that usually uses a type of gum-water or glue size as its binder.

Essentially, poster medium is a thick pre-mixed tempera available in vibrant colors.

Poster Paint

Using It

This is the very best material used for paper and cardboard. It's perfect to use when introducing toddlers to the creative world of painting and preschoolers love it too!

Poster - especially homemade - paint is great for finger painting as it has a wonderful gooey texture.

It is not as fast drying as tempera, or acrylic paint.

Buying Paint

Poster medium is relatively inexpensive to buy and is readily available in discount stores, craft supply outlets or online. If your children love to paint and you go through bucket loads of it - buying in bulk may be an option for you, OR...

Make your own with these easy poster paint recipes using common household ingredients.

Paint Safety

As with purchasing any craft medium ensure that the label states that it is non-toxic and that it conforms to the applicable standards for your region.

Cleaning Up

This paint can be wiped off most surfaces with a damp towel or baby wipes.

It easily washes off little hands with soap and water, and does not stain clothing.

See our Clean Up tips for tips and tricks on reducing the mess and making the clean up easier.

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