Easy Playdough Crafts

We make playdough crafts mainly during the cold season, then our kids get creative with play dough two to three times a week. Meanwhile we have a big box full of playdough and several tools.

Schnecke aus Knetmasse What a beautiful snail!

A Toy for Many Years to Come

Your toddlers can start using play dough at about 2 years under your supervision and they usually stay interested in the material during kindergarten and even primary school. Even you as mother can have a lot of fun doing playdough crafts.

It's great fun to watch your children, how they start forming their own little world with the dough and role playing.

Stimulates Creativity and Motor skills in Children

Play Doh Tools

Toddlers primarily strenghten their sensoric and motoric skills when modelling with dough.

Pre-schoolers however promote their creativity and phantasy by creating their own "World of dough" and they can even start role playing with their creatures.

Hence they learn about the characteristics of the things they create and use their three-dimensional imagination, because playdough crafts, in contrast to painting or coloring takes place in 3D.

Buy Brand Names

Our daughter got some no-name dough for Christmas. Unfortunately the plasticine turned hard after a short while and we couldn't use it anmore.

Therefore we recommend you either make your own homemade play dough or buy brand names such as Play Doh.

The difference is stunning: the new material was much softer and our daughter could modell much easiser with her little hands.

Another advantage of using brand names is, that the play dough is prodcued without chemicals that could be poisonous. A big advantage when thinking that toddlers put everything in their mouths.

Lots of Utensils

creative characters

Some utensils are advantageous for even more creativity. We bought some cookie cutters for her birthday and she was delighted.

Stars, teddy bears, hearts,.... all those nice little things that are very difficult to modell on your own, can now be done with the cookei cutters.

Our kids have been playing with playdough crafts for at least 4 years and they're still enthusiastic about it!

More Tools...

Burger Machine Burger Machine by PlayDoh

If you want you can bu a wide range of "factories" for even more playing fun: a Burger Machine, Spaghetti maker or the Play Doh Fun Factory allow our kids unlimited variations of crafts.

Baking muffins or cakes for the funny toys you can make with arms, legs, faces is no problem anymore. Our kids kind play for hours and talk with their newly-created creatures. They eat, drink, go shopping and even use a tiny skateboard.

Just make sure that once in a while you clean all the tools and utensils, in order for them to last many more years.

Enjoy and Learn

playdough crafts

For the beginning you can start with play dough in the 6 basic colors.

If your kids love modeling then there are enough opportuities to complete the collection with birthday or Christmas gifts.

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