Autumn Picture Frame Art

This picture frame art piece is made with materials from nature and your kids will have lots of fun collecting, arranging and glueing.

Easy Autumn picture frame art

You can use the autumn frame as simple fall decoration to hang onto your wall, or fill it with a photo of your family.

Filled with a family photo it's also a great gift to give away to grandparents or other relatives. Just one warning: this picture frame is very delicate and cannot be handled constantly.

Most of the materials needed can be collected outside in nature. Plan some time for a walk before you plan to do this fall craft.

Things You Need

materials to make picture frame art

  • All sorts of leaves
  • Hazelnuts or acorns
  • Fishing nylon string
  • Piece of wool
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make the autumn frame craft

Fall craft

1. Cut the cardboard into a square, and cut a smaller square inside of it to get a frame. My cardboard is 20 x 20 cm, and the sides are 4 cm.

If you want to use it as a picture frame, you need to cut out another square just a little bit bigger than the inner square of the frame. This one will later be used to glue your photo onto and is then glued to the back of the finished fall craft.

Arranging the leaves

2. Now when you've done that, spread glue all over the picture frame and let your kids imagination do the work, just let them place the leaves, branches, and anything he wishes on it.

If your children love to arrange and rearrange things various times before they're satisfied with the results, let them do the work "in the dry" and add the glue later.

This way they can get an impression who the finished art piece will look and aren't stuck with the first try.

Make the little owls

3. While your kids are doing that, you take two hazelnuts and make holes through them. Cut out small white paper circles for eyes, or you can use white confetti, if you have.

Glue them on top of a hazelnut to look like eyes, and with black pen or marker draw the pupils.

Now take 4 small leaves and glue them on hazelnuts, one on each side, to make wings. Now they look like little birds.

Finish the frame

4. When the frame is decorated, pierce two holes into top side, one on the left side and one on the right side.

5. Take a nylon string and pull it trough the first hazelnut, then the left hole in frame, the right hole in frame and finally trough the other hazelnut.

Make a big knot under your hazelnuts or use a tiny bead your little birdies don't slip off of the nylon.

You can use this as a decoration for a shelf, just lean it onto a book or something else, but my favorite way is to hang it on a wall or pinboard.

Just pierce two holes on top of the frame and take a piece of wool or some king of string, what you prefer, pull it through holes and hang it. It's really effective since birdies can swing.

Fall leaves

If you don't have access to real leaves, or if you want something more durable, you can use those wonderful leave pattterns. Just print them out any time you need some leaves for any of your fall crafts.

Or maybe you need paper gift bags with owl motives? With the pre-made patterns it's easy as pie. Just print them out and use them over and over again!

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