Owl Craft for Kids
With Materials from Nature

A very cute and easy autumn owl craft to make with your kids.

Easy Autumn owl craft

This fall art includes a lot of glueing, which is fun for most children. Depending on the age of your kids, use the appropriate glue.

I've found that toddlers cope best with glue stick (and the mess is much more manageable), while kindergardeners and school kids love to use liquid glue.

Most of the materials needed can be collected outside in nature. Plan some time for a walk before you plan to do this fall craft.

Things You Need

Easy Autumn owl craft

  • Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll
  • Colored fall leaves: many smaller ones
  • Two bigger leaves
  • 2 round leaves
  • Pine cone
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make the autumn owl craft

Cut paper towel roll

1. Go outside with your kid to find some branches with smaller leaves, and take them off, but carefully so they don't break.

You'll need leaves as well as branches. You can use leaves of the same color, but it will be much nicer if there's a variety of colors. After all, it's a fall craft :-)

2. If you're using a paper towel roll, cut it in three or two pieces, depending how tall you want your owl to be. A toilet paper roll can be used as is.

Glueing the eyes

3. Take two round leaves and glue them to the toilet paper roll, those make the eyes.

If you didn't find round leaves, don't worry. You can cut them from a regular leaf, or you can use berries, or even googly eyes, whatever you have in house.

4. Spread the glue all over the roll and let the party begin!

Place the feathers

Place leaves under the eyes in rows to look like feathers. It's easier to place them in rows, but you can also start random glueing for a more "rugged" look, if you're experienced with crafting.

Let your kids decide how they want to do it and don't forget to mix the colored leaves. It gives a much nicer touch, when the finished owl craft looks like a patchwork, instead of the colors orderly sorted...

5. Cut the branches that you have left from step 1 in smaller pieces and glue them above the eyes to look as eyebrows.

Then take two bigger leaves and glue them to the sides to look like wings.

Make eyebrows, nose and feet

6. Now break three pieces from the pine cone, one for the nose and two for feet and glue them as well.

7. Your owl is almost finished!

Take the pine cone and place it on top of the paper roll to form the head.

By the way, you can dry the leaves beforehand, but then they're more delicate and probably break when your kindergardeners start managing them.

Therefore I recommend to use fresh leaves. They will dry themselves glued onto the owl craft and give an additional touch, with their constantly changing colors.

Cute printable owl pattern

You can find plenty more owl crafts with patterns on Craftsy.com. Just look at the cute little printable to the left. They would make a perfect invitation to a fall birthday party or maybe a Thanksgiving party.

Or maybe you need paper gift bags with owl motives? With the pre-made patterns it's easy as pie. Just print them out and use them over and over again!

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