Kids Paint Center
With Lots of Craft Ideas

The Kids Paint Center is the home of everything that has to do with painting, including ideas for easy crafts.

Here you will find lots of ideas on everything from the best types of paint to use for different projects and materials, to how to make your own paint with our easy recipes.

Here's also, information on safety, recommended supplies for painting and materials to try, as well as tips and tricks on how to reduce the mess and make the clean up easier.

kids paint center

Types of Paint to Use for Different Projects and Materials

The materials to use for your toddler or preschooler's arts and crafts projects:

Acrylic Paint for Kids

Acrylic Paint

Information on acrylic colors for arts and crafts including fun ideas and easy painting crafts for kids...

Tempera Paint for Kids

Tempera Paint

Tempera information and great project ideas...

Poster Paint for Kids

Poster Paint

Information on poster paint for kids ...

Finger Paint for Kids

Finger Paint

Kids LOVE finger painting! Information about the best materials, supplies and fun ideas for easy crafts for your toddler ...

Watercolour Paint for Kids


Easy ideas for using watercolor with your childrend....

Fabric Paint for Kids

Fabric Painting

Tips on how to use fabric paint with your kids to make fun and easy things like personalized T-Shirts...

Face Paint for Kids

Face Paint

Tips on how to use face painting for children, including safety information and simple designs you can use ...

finger paintingFinger Painting

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Easy Crafts for Kids: Painting Ideas

Toddlers and preschoolers love painting and creating craft projects with vibrant colored paint. Here are some ideas for extra fun...

Paint and Easy Crafts for Kids

Easy Painting Crafts

Easy crafts for kids ideas using a variety of different materials and supplies...

Finger Painting Ideas for Kids

Finger Painting Ideas

Easy finger painting ideas including ways to stimulate the senses using texture and different materials..

Lamb handprint

Handprint Lamb

Cute little lamb made from the handprint of your toddler.

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Create Your Own Colou Wheel and Color Chart

This fun and educational art project allows your child to create their own color wheel and chart.

colour wheel

They will learn about primary, secondary and tertiary color combinations as well as adding black and white to alter the shade of colors.

Your child can even add their favorite color to personalize their very own colour reference chart.

Click here to help your child create their own Color Wheel and Chart.

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Easy Recipes: How To Make Your Own Paint

Making your own paint at home is fun and easy.

Our recipes use cheap and common household ingredients and require very little effort.

Not only do you know exactly what ingredients goes into the paint you make, but if you have a budding scientist - it can be an educational and fun activity to do with your preschooler.

make your own paint

Homemade Paint Recipes

Easy Homemade Paint Recipes

Homemade Recipes

Easy to make recipes for paint you can make at home..

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Easy Clean Up Tips

Painting can be messy - especially if you have a toddler. You can reduce or even prevent the mess and make the clean up easier with these simple ideas.

paint clean up

Click here for easy clean up tips and tricks.

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Materials and Ingredients Safety for Children

If you have a young toddler who is most likely going to put his or her fingers into the mouth while painting, it is extremely important that you carefully read the labels of all the materials and ingredients you buy.

Ensure that the paint is non-toxic, that it conforms to the applicable standards for your region and that it has been manufactured by a reputable company.

Look for the words "Kids Safe" on the packaging. Beware of cheap and poorly labeled products, especially those made in China. A lot of these products are not properly tested and can contain high levels of lead amongst other nasties.

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List of Recommended Supplies

Here is a recommended paint supplies list. It includes everything you will need for fun painting crafts.

paint supplies

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Color Mixing Guide

Click here for a basic guide to Color Mixing. A kids' introduction to exploring and discovering the magical world of colors.

colour mixing

This guide teaches your children the basics of color mixing with simple science experiments, fun projects and activities allowing them to learn, play and create all at the same time.

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