Beading Sun Catching Strings
Kids Fall Crafts

Of course you can make this kids fall crafts year around, but these bead strings bring so much sun and light into autumn and winter, its perfect for the dark season.

Bead strings glowing in the autumn sunlight

In fall and winter, depending on where you live, trying to dry your clothes on an exterior clothesline can be a futile task.

Why not put your empty washing line to good use by creating a giant suncatcher? It's great fun for pre-schoolers, not to mention excellent for their fine motor skills and pattern recognition. If your washing line still sees some action over the cooler months consider decorating a tree with low branches.

Not suitable for kids under 3 years!

Things You Need

Put beads into a container.

  • A clothes line or tree
  • Fishing line or nylon string
  • Beads
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Bells (optional)
  • Charms (optional)

How to make the bead strings sun catcher

Show your kid how to thread

1. Cut a length of fishing line or nylon string about the length of your child's arm.

2. Tie a charm, bell or large bead at one end, always test to ensure it is tied properly.

3. Put your beads, buttons and charms into a container. The more varied your assortment of objects for threading the more engaging this activity will be.

4. Give your child the fishing line or nylon string and show them how to thread the beads onto it. Young children may need to be shown this more than once.

Hang the bead strings onto your washing line

5. Encourage your child to experiment with patterns and different objects such as buttons and even flowers with holes poked through them.

You'll be amazed at some of the patterns and ideas that a preschooler can come up with given a little encouragement.

6. Once your kid is done get him or her to leave about a finger length of line at the end.

7. Tie of using another bead.

8. Attach firmly with a double knot to your clothes line.

9. Repeat steps 1 to 8 as many times as you like until you have created a forest of hanging beaded vines.

10. When Summer comes around simply use a slim pair of scissors to cut open the knots and you have you washing line back!

Extra Tip for this Kids Fall Crafts

Remember: this project is not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazards.

If your kid has difficulties with smaller beads try large wooden beads. Not all children have the same fine motor skills. But don't worry, they will develop them sooner or later.

If using branches instead of the washing line to hang the beads strings, leave extra room for tying. Of course you can hang the finished artwork wherever you want, maybe even in your kid's room.

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