Kids Crafts Center

Kids crafts encourages creativity, stimulates the imagination and enables artistic self-expression in young children.

Toddler making decorations

Arts and crafts provide endless learning opportunities for toddlers and preschoolers as they are introduced to colors, shapes, and textures in a fun, creative and playful way.

Craft projects can promote thinking and develop problem solving skills as children are presented with different methods and new ways of doing things.

What is it?

Children's crafts can be anything from creating masterpieces with finger paint, to making paper mache dinosaur sculptures out of soda bottles... can be what ever your child wants to create with a few basic materials.

There are no rules. Allowed is what you like!

The sky doesn't have to be blue, trees can be red, squiggles become people and colored dots can be anything from an egg to a chicken.

The most important thing to remember as a parent, is that it's not the end result that counts. What does matter is the creative process.

Fun Ideas

Here you will find lots of easy 'open-ended' craft ideas for kids to get your child's creative juices flowing.

A source of inspiration for fun things to make out of free, cheap, recyclable and natural materials.

You can even make your own paint, glue or paper mache with these easy recipes.

Here is a mini guide to kids craft ideas, where you will find the inspiration to get your toddler or preschooler busy having fun while learning!

Painting for Kids:

Favourite, new and fun ideas using paint:

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