Make Your Own Kid Vampire Costume

Homemade Kid Vampire Costume for Girls and Boys. You can adapt the material, colors and imprints to the preferences of your little girl or boy to make it a truly unique and personalized Halloween Costume.

Vampire Costume

Depending on what old linen you have hanging around or what second hand gems you can find you can make your whole family into heroes of villains this Halloween with these clever no sew capes.

You could all make matching capes for everyone or get really creative and make a girl vampire costume, a superhero cape for your boy and a villain for yourself.

Things You Need

Girl vampire costume

  • An old pillowcase, preferably in black or red.
  • Acrylic paint in a contrasting color (we used white)
  • One potato or apple
  • A kitchen paring knife and or scalpel
  • An clean empty food tray (as you might find fruit and veggies packed into)
  • A strong peg or two
  • White Paper
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How to make the Vampire Cape

Adult Preparation Steps

Drawing a bat on a sheet of paper

1. Get your child to draw a bat onto a sheet of paper and cut it out (or do it yourself if your kid is too young) .

2. Cut potato or apple in half to use as a stamp. Use the paper bat as a guide to draw a bat onto the surface of the half potato or apple.

3. Carefully carve around the shape with a parring knife or scalpel so you are left with a simple 3D bat stamp.

4. Set up a tray of contrasting paint and old pillow case on a hard flat surface.

Kid's Steps

Make apple stamp

1. Get your smock on!

2. Place the apple or potato stamp face down into the tray of paint.

Make sure that the bat is covered but not dripping.

3. Press the stamp onto the pillow case. Repeat several times leaving space between the little vampires.

Make the vampire stamp

4. If your bats are incomplete you need to put more paint on the stamp.

If they are blobby and squelchy you need to use less paint.

Try blotting the stamp on a piece of paper first until you have enough experience to make them look really nice.

5. Let the pillow case dry.

6. Use your pegs to pin the vampire cape to the collar of your shirt.

Your kid vampire costume

And Hey presto! One spooky kid vampire costume!

Use different colors and shapes to create all sorts of different capes. Such as yellow thunder bolts for a superhero or even make a stamp of the first letter of your name!

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