Scary Glowing Jars Make the Perfect Halloween Yard Decoration

Who's afraid of monsters? Not you, because you have them as Halloween Yard Decoration. But your neighbors might be :-)

Glowing Jars as Halloween Yard Decoration

These Scary Glowing Jars are a cheap and easy Kindergarten Halloween crafts you can do with your kindergardener or toddler.

They are an excellent alternative if you don't have carved pumpkins for Halloween. Plus this is much safer for kids than to carve a pumpkin. You can do any faces you want, we chose to make a pumpkin and a zombie.

How to make the Scary Glowing Jars

Supplies needed to make Halloween Yard Decoration

Things you need:

  • Jars
  • Colored paper (orange and green)
  • Glue
  • A small piece of a white baking paper
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Candles

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Instructions for Halloween Yard Decoration

Kindergarten halloween craft

1. Find some jars with a wide mouth so you can easily put a candle inside.

Measure how tall the jar is so your kid can cut out the paper to fit the sides of your jar.

2. Now draw pumpkin or monster face on the colored paper. Eyes and a mouth are fine.

It doesn't have to be precise, after all it's a scary Halloween face.

Glowing jars with monster face

3. Cut out the face. The cutting might be a bit tricky, especially if the patterns are small, so you probably have to help your kindergardener with this.

Halloween yard decoration

4. Then cut white baking paper (or any other transparent paper you have) in a shape of a square to cover the holes of eyes and mouth and glue to the back of the orange paper.

The white baking paper is transparent and that's why is perfect for our purpose.

5. For the second jar with the glowing zombie face, follow the same process with a few differences:

Cut the eyes in a shape of a circles and to make it scary you can make a black ring around one eye with a marker.

Childrens Halloween crafts

If you're up to the challenge, you can cut small pieces of a black and white paper in the shape of a tooth, and just place them onto the mouth.

Get creative with more glowing jars for your Halloween yard decoration!

6. Put glue onto the back of the colored paper (the side with the baking paper) and wrap it around the jar. Hold a few seconds until everything sticks tightly. Give a little extra glue to the edges of the paper, so it holds firmly.

Your Scary Glowing Jars are done!

Now you only need to place the candles inside, small candles are the best for this.

Put the glowing scary faces on your porch or on a window sill and light the candles when it's dark.

You can use electric candles or natural ones. Then of course you have to take care that you won't cause a fire. This is very improbable, because the candle is inside the glass, but still, don't leave the candles alone over night.

One word of caution though: these Halloween yard decorations are not water-proof. Make sure to take them inside when it's raining or place them under a roof.

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