Scary Spider for Halloween Door Decorating

Huuhhh! Our Scary Spider is perfect for Halloween Door Decorating. It's a really cheap and easy Halloween craft idea, that you and your kindergardener or pre-schooler will have lots of fun making.

Halloween Door Decorating with this Scary Hanging Spider

The spider is made from an empty tuna can. If you don't have tuna cans in the house, you can use any similar shaped can or plastic container. If your children are very small, and might be afraid, you can opt to make a friendly and laughing spider instead of a scary one. Just paint a laughing mouth onto the face.

Easy Instructions for Spider Halloween Door Decorating

Supplies needed to make Halloween Spider

Things you need:

  • Glue (white glue or UHU glue)
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Empty tuna can
  • Black paper or cardboard
  • Piece of white paper
  • Scissors

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Girls Little Miss Spider Costume

from: Costume Craze, LLC

Making the Scary Spider

Tuna can for halloween door decoration
1. Measure the width of the can and cut out a strip of a black paper to fit around the sides of the can.

2. Paint the edges of an empty tuna can with black paint and let it dry, your kid can do that as well, it's fun and easy.

Make the Halloween spider legs
3.While the paint is drying cut out eight strips sized 8x1cm (2,5x0,5 inches) that will serve as legs.

From the same piece of paper cut a circle that will go on top of the can. Once you have done this, he paint should be dry.

3. Spread glue on tuna can sides and apply the black strip. Then put glue on top of the can and apply paper circle.

4. While it's drying cut two small circles out of white paper that will serve as eyes, and smaller black circles. Glue black circles onto white ones and then glue them onto the spider.

Or you can draw the pupils of the spider's eyes with a black marker.

Now the body of your Halloween Door Decorating Spider is ready:

Spider body
Bend the legs
5. Bend the black paper stripes to form legs. We made three bending for each leg.

Once you have made all 8 of the legs, just glue them onto your Halloween spider body.

6. And now you have your spider! You can leave it like that, as a scary Halloween decoration for a table or a window sill.

But to use it for Halloween door decorating, make a small hole into the top of a can and pull through a fishing nylon string or any string you have and hang it outside (or inside) your front door.

Now you can be sure, everyone passing your house will know, that scary Halloween monsters live and work here :-)

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Easy halloween crafts for kids.

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