Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Lots of creative Halloween craft ideas to start working on....

There are so many cute, creative, and scary crafts you can do with your kids for Halloween. We have chosen the ones we like best, all of them are easy to make with kindergardeners, but even your toddler can help.

Venturing beyond the "same old" pumpkin crafts, here some terrific ideas you can do with cheap or even free household items, most everyone possesses.

It's not only the costume or the food that make or breaks a Halloween party, but also the decorations. Why not start making your yard or door decorating way ahead and have fun watching them during the whole month of October?

Of course you can mix and match the Halloween craft ideas with our Autumn crafts that use primarily materials from the nature. Take a walk with your kids and start collecting what you need to spend many happy hours together.

Our Favorite Ideas for Crafting Decorations and Costumes

halloween spider for door decorating

Hanging Spider

This spider can be placed on a window sill or hung from a door. Scarrrryyyyy.......

Planter Frankenstein

Tin Can Frankenstein

Use this pot planter as Halloween yard decoration....

handmade ghost t-shirts

Handprint Ghost T-Shirts

Spooky ghosts with glow-in-the-dark paint...

halloween crafts for kids

Scary Glowing Jars

Scary or even fun monsters in glass jars, that glow in the night...

kid vampire costume

Vampire Costume for Girls and Boys

Have fun dressing up as a vampire or superhero with these easy no-sew capes...

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