Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

Fall is the time when the nature starts changing most obviously and depending where you live, you're in for a very colorful time.

Fall landscape

We love to go outside and collect leaves, pine or fir cones, hazelnut, chestnuts, acorns, etc. to use for our fall craft ideas.

The autumn crafts are a good way to teach your children about the changing seasons, the value of nature, and of course to be creative and crafty.

Some of the little pieces of art will last only a few day, while others can be conserved for years. A few of our easy fall crafts can even be used as Halloween Decorations or Christmas Ornaments.

Our Favorite Ideas for Crafting Decorations

Autumn owl

Autumn Owl

This owl is made of leaves and a pine cone and can be use as a wonderful fall decoration.

Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Who doesn't love the fairy tale about Snow White and the Dwarfs? No you can have her on your window sill.

Autumn frame

Autumn Picture Frame

Wonderful fall decoration that can be use with or without a picture inside.

Strings of beads

Sun-catching Bead Strings

These bead strings catch and reflect the sun during the dark season.

Fall leaves bunting

Fall Leaves Bunting

You can use this homemade bunting or garland for your Thanksgiving Party or just about any other event.

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