Face Paint for Kids

Kids love face paint... They love how it can transform them into realistic characters such as fairies or princesses during dress up play...

...or how it sends their imaginations wild during pretend games where a few squiggly lines can confirm that they really are a tiger or batman.

It can turn parties into awesome themed adventures where kids can be anything from beautiful butterfly's to scary monsters.... or rainy days into 'tattoo' fun days - where whole bodies can get in on the action.

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What is Face / Body Paint

According to Wikipedia "body painting is a form of body art. Unlike tattoo and other forms of body art, body painting is temporary, painted onto the human skin, and lasts for only several hours... Body painting that is limited to the face is known as face painting..."

Face and Body Paint Safety

It is extremely important to use the right type of paint for painting the skin - especially the highly sensitive skin of kids.

Just because the paint label states that the paint is non-toxic - it does not mean it's safe for skin. Unless face or body paints are FDA Approved or approved by the relevant government body for your country, DO NOT use it. Acrylic and other cheap "face and body" paints could contain harmful chemicals which can cause allergic reactions and nasty rashes. Cheap paints also offer poor coverage, dull colors, does not wash off easily and can stain the skin - and clothes too!

Using approved face and body paints is essential - as are these safety tips:

  • Avoid using "washable" markers as they can stain the skin for days. The "washable" part refers to fabrics and not skin
  • Do not use metallic craft glitter on the skin. Again, only use FDA approved "cosmetic" glitter that is safe for use on skin
  • Avoid painting skin with open sores or wounds
  • Thoroughly clean brushes and sponges after use and allow them to dry completely before storing away

Buying Paint

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As above, ensure that you only buy safe paints specifically approved for use on the skin.

Alternatively, make your own safe face paints. Click here for easy recipes.

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