Create Greeting Card

Make Your Own Holiday Card for Every Occasion

How to create a greeting card? It's actually quite easy. We have used this colander technique" for Christmas cards, but of course you can adapt the motive to make it fit to any special occasion.

Christmas Greeting Card

Handmade greeting cards - especially if they're crafted with love by your kids - are so much more meaningful than the one you can buy in the store.

Prepare a few special ones for grandparents, relatives and dear friends and everyone will be exhilarated.

Things You Need

Needed material

  • Colored Cardboard Paper
  • White paper
  • Colander
  • Old Toothbrush
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Water Paint

How to create your greeting card

Colored paper

1. Cut the cardboard paper into desired format. It has to be double the size of the finished holiday card. Cut pieces of white paper that are slightly smaller. Fold the cardboard into half.

The white paper will hold the motive and be glued onto the cardboard later on.

2. Cut out the motives with cardboard paper you want to use on your Christmas or Birthday card. This can be a candle and a star like on the pictures.

Using the colander and paintbrush to make Greeting cards

But you can adapt them to your occasion and make a birthday cake, a Valentine heart or a Thanksgiving pumpkin, just to name a few.

3. Let your kid chose the motive it wants to use and put it onto the white sheet of paper. Now take an old toothbrush and apply water paint to it.

4. Take the colander and hold it over the white sheet of paper. Vigorously brush the toothbrush over the colander.

Glue together

Continue until the paper is evenly covered with water paint sprinkles.

Carefully remove motives from paper and let dry.

5. Once the card has dried, glue onto the colored cardboard. Now you have a created a hand-crafted greeting card with your children.

Watch the video below for an impression on how easy the "sprinkling" with the colander is. Our son was three at that time and he had so much fun!

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