Fall Leaf Bunting

Love the look of a bunting or garland, but don't have the time to sew together fabric?

Fall Leaves Bunting

If you don't want to resort to buying cheap and nasty plastic garlands, we have a way to create a unique fall bunting with your pre-schooler. Using items you have lying around he house. This is a great way to recycle all those materials you'd otherwise throw away.

Your kid can get really creative and do as many different shapes, materials, colors, patterns as she can think of.

Things You Need

materials for homemade garland

  • Leaves of various shapes and sizes
  • Markers
  • Several sheets of colorful paper or card, even junk mail or old greeting cards
  • Scissors
  • A hole punch
  • 2 or 3 metres (6 to 9 feet) of ribbon or thin strips of fabric

How to make bunting

Tracing Leaves onto paper

1. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look for interesting fall leaves.

Pay attention to shape rather that color. Once you have a good selection of sturdy leaves go back home and collect the other supplies your will need.

2. Trace the shape of each the leaves several times onto your selected paper.

Try to tessellate the shapes to fit the most amount of outlines on one sheet.

Cut out leaves

3. Cut out each outline

4. Using your hole punch put a small hole at the tip of each leaf shape, leaving enough room around it to prevent tearing. Approx. 2cm or half an inch.

5. Thread your fabric ribbon or yarn through the first leaf.

Knot leaves onto bunting

Tie gently but firmly in a double knot so that the paper doesn't tear but the leaf is securely attached.

You should leave enough space to tie the yarn onto the desired fitting or fixture.

6. Repeat the same process with all of the leaves, leaving enough space to tie up at the end.

7. And there you have it: a Fall Garland that is so easy it's child's play!

Fall Garland

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