Learning is Fun!
Development Activities for Kids

All of these activities for kids are educational activities that meet early learning and development milestones. You can help your child to learn while they play.

Some of the fun stuff included are:

>> Ball, hoop and other co-ordination activities
>> Potato stamps
>> Beading designs
>> Non-toxic play dough
>> Bath-time science projects
>> Dinner mats
>> Obstacle courses around the house and garden
>> And so much more...

All exercises support the various early development stages, such as gross and fine motor skills, coordination, balance, eye-ball coordination, sensory processing, spatial awareness and tactile development.

While engaging your child in these activities, you are actually helping them learn valuable early childhood development skills.

All actions can be done using items that you already have around the house, so there is no need to rush out and buy anything. This saves you hundreds of dollars in toys, sporting equipment and games.

The value you and your child will receive from these educational activities is tremendous and will give you playful educational ideas for years to come.

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