Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a popular paint or kids crafts use. It's versatile, easy to mix, easy to use and great for all art and craft projects.

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What Is Acrylic Medium

According to Wikipedia Acrylic medium "is fast drying paint containing pigment suspension in acrylic polymer emulsion."

Acrylic paints are essentially plastic paint that dries to a permanent, durable state whilst remaining flexible.

acrylic paint

Using an Acrylic Medium

Acrylic is extremely versatile - it can be mixed with other materials such as pastel, charcoal, etc., or can be used as a texture paint by adding sand, rice, etc.

By using different additives it can be thinned out, made thick, increase it's ability to stick to different surfaces, and change the appearance of finished dried painting.

Buying Acrylic

It can be expensive to buy if you are buying it in small tubes on a regular basis. Buying paint in bulk may be an option for you.

Here's 5 Top Tips for Saving Material and Money:

  • use small plastic yoghurt tubs or a small palette - such as a small plastic plate rather than a large one. If buying a palette from a discount store choose one with fewer holes - as kids tend to like all the holes filled to the brim.
  • use only small quantities of 2 or 3 colors at a time
  • paint can be thinned out with up to 30% water
  • when mixing colors - add darker colors to lighter colors
  • if possible (and it usually isn't) save any remains by covering with cling wrap

Material Safety

Never use acrylic house paint which is made from toxic ingredients including solvents and sulfates!

Make alway sure to buy only artist's paint. If buying from discount stores, or at any craft supply outlet (including the internet), ensure that the label states that it is non-toxic and that it conforms to the applicable standards for your region. This is especially important for toddlers who like to touch everything with their hands.

Artist's acrylic is not suitable for face or body painting.

Cleaning Up

Even though acrylic is water-soluble, when dry it becomes water resistant and is generally unremovable from a solid surface, and in many cases from fabrics as well.

Don't be fooled by paints that claim that they are "washable" - in many cases they will stain clothes. An exception to this is usually when clothes are washed (or soaked) immediately after painting - before the paint dries completely.

It can generally be washed off the skin with soap and water. What won't wash off with water, can easily be removed with any type of pure vegetable oil - canola, olive, etc. or even with baby oil. Simply rub on and wash off.

See our Clean Up Page for tips and tricks on reducing or even preventing the mess and making the clean up easier.

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